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Source Medical Supply partners with St. Louis-based Intalere Healthcare

Source Medical Supply is proud to announce the strategic partnership with St. Louis-based Intalere Healthcare. By partnering with Intalere, Source Medical Supply strengthens its commitment to responsible supply chain management while reducing medical waste.

“Through this partnership with one of the largest GPOs in the healthcare arena, we set the stage to streamline inventory and maximize value within the medical community.  Sustainability is at the core of our business model.  By anticipating market trends, SMS offers Intalere and its members a practical framework and the tools to manage both the financial and environmental impact of their inventory.  We are advocates for progressive policies and collaborate with high level stakeholders within the industry to achieve common goals,” says Ted Russo, COO.

The Phoenix-based company continues its commitment to offer value-based options to their customers and partners and is dedicated to maximizing value.



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